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Raiding Status Updates
Wednesday, September 24th 2008
By Bazerk
Due to the upcoming expansion and the current lack of attendance, the following policies are being enacted:
  • DKP will be suspended on all future Burning Crusade raids. The old random rolling system will be used in its place.
  • Depending on how attendance fares this week, we may drop to having only one or two raiding nights per week.
  • We may shift some raids away from Black Temple to include Mount Hyjal and others.
We plan these changes to be temporary until the expansion comes out and we return to more focused raiding.

For more information, see this post.
Shade of Akama Defeated
Thursday, August 28th 2008
By Bazerk
I heard that we took down the Shade of Akama. (Screenshot courtesy of Sageus)
Supremus Defeated
Tuesday, August 21st 2008
By Bazerk
That stone menace, Supremus, has been shattered.
High Warlord Naj'entus Defeated
Tuesday, August 5th 2008
By Bazerk
On our first night in the Black Temple, the High Warlord Naj'entus has been slain.
Fathom-Lord Karathress Defeated
Tuesday, July 8th 2008
By Bazerk
Fathom-Lord Karathress has also fallen.
Leotheras the Blind Defeated
Tuesday, May 13th 2008
By Bazerk
The evil Leotheras the Blind has been defeated.
Rage Winterchill Defeated
Thursday, April 17th 2008
By Bazerk
The first boss in the epic battle of Mount Hyjal, Rage Winterchill, has been defeated.
Magtheridon Defeated
Sunday, March 30th 2008
By Bazerk
In our first night trying Magtheridon (in a long time), we took him down. Great job everyone!
Morogrim Tidewalker Defeated
Tuesday, March 4th 2008
By Bazerk
The mighty sea giant, Morogrim Tidewalker, has fallen. We took him down the first attempt of the night too! Great job everyone!
Al'ar Defeated
Sunday, February 24th 2008
By Bazerk
We have defeated Al'ar, the Phoenix God.
Hydross the Unstable Defeated
Tuesday, January 29th 2008
By Bazerk
We have defeated Hydross the Unstable. Great job everyone!
The Lurker Below Defeated
Sunday, December 9th 2007
By Bazerk
In our first week in the Serpentshrine Cavern, we have defeated the Lurker Below! Great job everyone!
Nalorakk and Akil'zon Defeated
Sunday, November 18th 2007
By Bazerk
In our first night in Zul'Aman, in the first week that it was open, we fielded a 10-man team that took down two bosses for the first time.
Solarian Defeated
Thursday, November 15th 2007
By Bazerk
Solarian went supernova.
Void Reaver Defeated
Sunday, October 28th 2007
By Bazerk
Void Reaver has been deactivated.
Gruul the Dragonkiller Defeated
Tuesday, September 12th 2007
By Bazerk
The evil giant Gruul, enemy of all dragonkin, has been slain at the hands of the Knights of Other Realms. His size and tremendous ability to grow was no match for our teamwork.
Nightbane Slain
Thursday, August 16th 2007
By Bazerk
Nightbane, scourge of Karazhan, has been defeated!
Netherspite Slain
Thursday, July 28th 2007
By Bazerk
The demonic dragon Netherspite has been defeated!
Karazhan Falls!
Thursday, July 19th 2007
By Bazerk
In a historic night, both of our expeditions into Karazhan defeat two evil demon lords for the first time: Prince Malchezaar and Terestian Illhoof. Karazhan is now ours to rule! (Screenshots are from Bazerk's group)
Its Good to Beat The High King
Sunday, July 15th 2007
By Bazerk
Through excellent teamwork and coordination we have made our first great strike against the Ogre lords by slaying High King Maulgar and his cronies. It was our first victory as a guild at Level 70 in a 25-man raid. Great job everyone!
The Shade of Aran Haunts Us No More
Sunday, June 3rd 2007
By Bazerk
(Screenshot is from Sunday, June 10th 2007)
The Curator Falls and Chess Grandmaster Medivh loses to Deep KOR
Thursday, May 24th 2007
By Bazerk
The Wicked Witch is Dead!
Tuesday, May 22nd 2007
By Bazerk
Who is Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf? Not us. (Also: The stone Maiden of Virtue is no more)
Thursday, May 10th 2007
By Bazerk
In another great night of raiding, two teams from the Knights of Other Realms took their place in Opera history by defeating the Big Bad Wolf. Little Red is now safe and her Grandmother avenged! In related news, the giant marble Maiden of Virtue, proving once again that our Knights are the most holy. Congradulations to all!
Moroes Defeated
Thursday, April 20th 2007
By Bazerk
Moroes, that tricky rogue who inhabits Karazhan, along with his four evil dinner guests, were defeated for the first time by our Knights. Great job everyone!
Attumen the Huntsmen Defeated (Twice)
Tuesday, April 3rd 2007
By Bazerk
In our first guild raid night in Karazhan, both teams of adventurous souls defeated Attumen the Huntsmen and his horse Midnight. Great job everyone!
Raid Target: Karazhan
Sunday, March 25th 2007
By Bazerk
The first guild raiding target in the Burning Crusade has been selected as Karazhan, Medivh's old tower in Azeroth. This is a 10 man raid instance and to be able to enter it, everyone must have The Master's Key. Information about how to obtain the key (and other keys Burning Crusade) can be found on the Wiki page: http://www.knightsofotherrealms.com/mediawiki/index.php/Instance_Keying. You can also update the page to indicate your status on the key. For more information, see Sicro's post.
Gotta Love the Drakes
Sunday, December 3rd 2006
By Bazerk
We pushed on in Blackwing Lair for the third night this week and took two more drakes down: Ebonroc and Flamegor. Everyone showed great Adaptability in learning the fights really quickly and we were able to slay both on the first night we ever tried them. Great going everyone!
Blackwing Lair: Firemaw Slain
Thursday, November 30th 2006
By Bazerk
We assauted Blackwing Lair again, finally overcoming Firemaw. Everyone who showed up did a great job hanging in there make sure this drake shall fly no more.
Ossirian the Unscarred... No More
Monday, November 6th 2006
By Bazerk
The lord of the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj has fallen at the hands of the Knights of Other Realms. We had a great group stick with it and were able to get the hang of the encounter and take him down. Great job everyone!
Broodlord Lashslayer Defeated
Thursday, October 19th 2006
By Bazerk
A mere two days after slaying Vaelastrasz the Knight of Other Realms pushed on through the suppression room and defeated the Broodlord Lashslayer on their very first encounter. Excellent teamwork was once again displayed in this tremendous feat. We have yet again demonstrated that we do have the might and the skill to overcome the most ferocious of enemies.
Vaelastrasz the Corrupt Defeated
Tuesday, October 17th 2006
By Bazerk
I heard on the wind that the Knights of Other Realms have slain another dragon, driving deeper into the lair of the Blackwing. This time it was Vaelastrasz corrupted hulk that shook the mountain as the last ounce of life was released. Great work team! (PS : Someone send me screenshots of the event, these are actually from our second slaying.)
Razorgore the Untamed Defeated
Tuesday, October 2nd 2006
By Bazerk
Tonight our knights made their presence known in Blackwing Lair by defeating our first adversary: Razorgore the Untamed. After trying out many different strategies we finally settled on one that played to our strengths (a large number of Warriors and Pala dins). On our third attempt of the night we cleanly swept through phase one of the fight, keeping almost all of our army of 34 brave souls alive until the time when Razorgore turned to fight us. He was no match against our guild's full might and was soon vanquished. Thank you to everyone who has gone through the painful process of learning how to defeat this new boss and know that your sacrifice was not in vain. Through unity we have overcome the first hurdle and may now proceed to venture further into th e lair of the Blackwing with our next target Vaelastrasz the Corrupt... We're coming for you Nefarian!
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj: Moam Defeated
Thursday, September 14th 2006
By Bazerk
Tonight we once again ventured into Ahn'Qiraj. We quickly cleared through the first three bosses and then set our sights on a new one that we never had attempted before: Moam. After a few learning attempts we finally got the strategy down on the last atte mpt and took Moam down. Great job everyone! Again, Ahn'Qiraj is extremely fun and I highly recommend that everyone sign up for it so that we can take the two remaining that we haven't done before.
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj: General Rajaxx and Buru the Gorger Defeated
Wednesday, August 9th 2006
By Bazerk
Tonight we mustered together enough people to defeat two new bosses for the first time in AQ20! With 18 people none-the-less. Gelgornn and Ahmaj tanked the first two bosses! We got the first boss, Kurinnaxx on the first try and the other two bosses on the second try. There was lots of new spells to be had from the loot. We also had almost all the raid on Teamspeak, which was extremely helpful for learning these new fights. Thanks to everyone who showed up and put in a great effort! The instance is really fun, I highly recommend that people try to fit the runs into their schedules.
We still got it!
Monday, August 7th 2006
By Bazerk
After some shaky attendance this summer, last night we came back in full force downing Onyxia on the first try, Domo on the first try, and Ragnaros on the second try (the first try had him down to 2%). We did really great! Thanks everyone for coming out. Next week lets try to clear MC in two nights so that we can work on BWL!
Knights of Other Realms Defeats Ragnaros
Thursday, May 25th 2006
By Bazerk
Tonight the Knights of Other Realms have defeated Ragnaros for the first time in an epic battle. Congratulations to everyone! This was quite an accomplishment for the guild. We couldn't have done it without everyone's hard work. The Molten Core has been defeated but we shall battle on, seeking out new foes to vanquish.
Welcome to the new Guild Website
Friday, May 5th 2006
By Bazerk
Welcome to the new guild website. Vladen and I have worked hard to put it together. I hope that everyone will find it useful and will make good use of it. We've covered the basics such as having a guild forum and have added the SuicideKings looting order along with the GEM event calendar, which everyone should be familiar with already. We've also added a Wiki for the guild to use to share information with one-another, which we think will be really useful for everyone.

The existing forum data has been moved to this new site.

Note: Your existing user name and password will work on the forums for this site.

If you have any feedback on how we can improve the site, please post it on the Website Feedback forum.